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Walburga Glatz - Physical Philosophy

Why is this website called “Walburga Glatz – Physical Philosophy”? And how does the category Physical Philosopy differ from the other categories to make it all the way into the title?

I chose to use Walburga Glatz as the website’s title as my name has been one of the most reliable constants in my life while professions have changed My Profile, while my interests have grown and accumulated or outlived each other, and while I have lived around the world.
This changeability and stability is reflected in my work. I like to look at life and my work from a philosophical point of view. I like to ask questions and to leave them unanswered for each and everyone to spend time on their own possible answers. I like to transmit the freedom – and self-responsibility – of finding new pathways. In the last years I have used the physicality of the body and its movement to explore behavioral and philosophical themes. You will find some of these explorations in the category Physical Philosophy. But this approach also embraces all the other
forms of expression of my work and teachings. Therefore I see it as an all encompassing theme introduced in the title and leaving traces throughout the other categories.

What are the other categories and what will you find there?

In Body-Mind Centering you will find a general explanation of BMC® and my personal approach to it and its applications.
In Kids.IDME I explain the very special IDME approach to facilitate early child development, give insight in my work with children and information on the international IDME Certification programs happening under my direction.
In Offers you can find the most recent offers with respect to my teaching: Certification Programs, supervisions, ongoing classes, workshops and seminars. You can also find information on individual sessions with the focus on physical or other issues.
In My Profile I share my curriculum and how I see myself.


Contact shows you ways to contact me. Links names the main programs I am involved in or directing. It also helps you find your way to other BMC programs, to the locations where I teach, to friends and projects worth while. Let me know if you’d like to be listed with a project of yours.
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Why is this website in different languages? And why do I use English as the main language?

My teaching has been international. Although my main home is still in Berlin, Germany, many of my projects and courses have taken place in other locations where English is the common language. I therefore decided to offer my thoughts in English first, then in my mother tongue German, and some pages also in Italian and Spanish.

Some texts can be found in all languages, some might be available in only one of them – you can use the inserted picture bars as points of reference and comparison whether the text you’re looking for is available in your language. You are very welcome to contact me if there is more you want to know!

What else?

Feel welcome and: Enjoy!

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