Physical Philosophy offers me a form to connect speech and dance.

Spoken language and body language.

Through language and movement we come into relationship with ourselves and with our environment. Coming from a background of law and humane sciences, language has always been an important means of expression and communication for me. A means, also, to explain oneself and to understand others. To precise individuality and to create community. That is mainly why I speak/understand six (or perhaps more) languages.

But how do I communicate when language has not (yet) been differentiated?
Where there is no common language? With children, speakers of foreign languages, thinkers of foreign thoughts?
How can I find ways, to connect my experiences in dance with my language? Speak before and while I dance. Speak afterwards.

Some of the following projects show my work around philosophical themes through language, body and art. I crystallized moments of body talk into pictures, and then let myself get inspired to words by these pictures days, weeks, months later. In this process thoughts took form that had flown through me equally or similarly in the instance of movement. And sometimes totally new connections came forth. Ideas fledged and evoked new movements: They became the inspiration for my dance. They became the foundation for my course descriptions and course contents (e.g. Body and Time; The Body Unveiled) and thus have moved others, who then again have worded their experiences. A potentially indefinite chain of movement and language.

Below you will find my dance and my thoughts on diverse topics.

I would love to experience, what you have to “say” to this (Contact)– in whatever language you choose: through dance, art, being concise and sharp, philosophical…



These could be the themes of our dialogue:


Body & Time

Body & Space

Oak & I


The Body Unveiled


Holding & Letting Go

Embodied Evolution




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